Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I'm having a little bit of writer's block --thank you Leaving Cert,-- so I thought I would amuse myself by posting something avout my slightly new, slightly weird obsession.

Drumroll please:

It's Youtube Casting!

If, like me, You are a youtube addict, You've probably noticed these fanvids --ooh,there's some frequently used, but pretty uncool internet lingo for you-- for your favourite books, tv shows or films that have yet to be cast.

Par Exemple, I've done a little bit of reaserch -- (also known as dossing)-- on the internets, and found a few that are not only pretty decent production value, but are actually credited by the authors of the series' themselves!

It's just cool to find cast lists, because sometimes they come true. I've seen several that were pretty much bang on the money in someway or another. They introduce you to new up and coming actors and actresses that may be flying below the radar, like Molly Quinn, who I discovered is my perfect Clary for TMI, and also discovered a little show called Catle on the way. That's what you call sa-weet! As in so good, you get two syllables for the price of one.

and they tend to have pretty decent soundtracks to boot.

so if your ever bored, or just in the mood to sit back and numb your brain, give 'em a shot. You never know, you might like them!

By the way, Balls against the Wall, the Kick-Ass sequel, is green-lighted and due to start filming next year for a 2012 release.

Boo-- and I'm just gonna say it-- Yah!

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