Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Bane of my (fictional) Existence.

So, once again, I'm reading.
I know, shock and or horror. Take your pick.
But I've come to a conclusion, in regard to reading.


Oh yes, of course, they look pretty, but it's kind of like Megan Fox. Looks good, but there's not much going on underneath.

I know, harsh.
But I hate them that much.

I have yet to enjoy a book featuring them.

I'm currently reading this ^^

And the writing is beautiful. The world is eerie. The subject is original and the monsters are terrifying...

And then comes the freaking angels. 
And I blanch!

So I plea with the literary Magisters (publishers, editors etc.)

Or at least, make sure they're not so derivative.

And before you get smart and say "But The Mortal Instruments  and Infernal Devices; they're books about angels. And you love them. Ergo, you LIE!"

TMI and ID are about Demon hunting, fighting and awesome characters. They just mention angels and have only featured one angel so far.

Don't try to be smart.

I just had to vent.

More demon hunting, less angel romances...
Pretty please?


  1. Haha sad but often true. I'm notminating your blog for an award too. I'll have details on mine (Beyond The Hourglass Bridge) soon!

    1. Um, wow! Thank you.
      Maybe I should actually put some work into this then. :)


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