Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hey, don't diss YA!

I just love to rant-y rant rant!

There is a current trend for YA literature, and currently, I’m loving it.
However, there’s a stigma attached to it that you can’t seem to shake, and it’s beginning to get on my nerves.
Recently, the whole paranormal romance trend has gone into over-drive, and it’s all good in the proverbial with me.
Reading is a means of escape; to get out your head for an hour or two and get drawn into someone else’s world, at least it is for me. The fact that I like to read teen fiction shouldn’t be a reason to look down on me; the fact that I read at all should be commended. As it should be for anyone.
Teen fiction is interesting. I know that’s a bit of a glib interpretation, but it’s the only way to put it. Adult fiction, especially the paranormal kind is so convoluted and complicated, to the point where sometimes you want to scratch out your eyes before reading another page. Ok, I admit that’s a minority, but, for example, I now refuse to read another Sookie Stackhouse book for as long as I live. The reasons are threefold:

1) Harper Connelly is a cooler female protagonist.

2) Charlaine Harris is a terrible writer. Honestly, I’m not sure how she was published, but I’m convinced it’s because of the porn element of her books. It takes up ¾ of the pages, or thereabouts.

3) The T.V. show, True Blood, is so much better.

* Review of series two coming soon……

Any who, back to TF, PR, UF, YA-- Whatever you call it, or abbreviate it to, it’s in the headlines. And now to the reason for my quasi-rant……

Books being made into films:

There’s always an ulterior motive, isn’t there?

I’m extremely excited that some of my favourite books of the moment are getting the silver-screen treatment.

The Hunger Games:

Possibly the best adventure to come out in the last decade, I defy anyone to read it and not get completely absorbed. And if you can’t take my word for it, take Stephen King’s. And those of you who know him will know he likes absolutely nothing! So that’s a compliment in in itself.
To top it all, Suzanne Collins-- the author -- is writing the script herself so that her world, and story won’t be butchered and its soul destroyed, like Rick Riordan. That poor man. Percy Jackson deserved so much better and so did he.
Plus, I just found out he has written a series about the Cahill’s, so I like him even more now. Shame about the “S” though. But I digress…..again.
Suzanne was actually a critically acclaimed screenwriter for T.V. and film before her writing career took off and she topped the NYT bestsellers list for weeks on end. Anyone remember a show called Clarissa tells it like it is? Like Clueless, it consumed my childhood.
Anyway, my point is that if the author herself is writing the script based on a literary phenomenon, it’s bound to be of epic proportions.
I already have my dream cast picked out, and will report back later when I cover it in The Book Report; my book reviews.

The Mortal Instruments:

Cassandra Clare’s epic trilogy is based in New York City and depicts the underground organisation called The Shadowhunters, who are Nephilim and utterly amazing. The characters are well drawn and the world is full of colour and flavour, and how can you not love a man who calls his cat Captain Meow? I mean, honestly?!
Anyway, the series has been picked up the makers of the Lord of the Rings, and is bound to pick up interest from big name stars and directors. I’m hoping for Guillermo Del Toro or Chris Nolan as director, since they’ll be able to depict the world and creatures, as well as connect the audience to the characters. Plus, The Orphanage is freaky!

Although, If you want scary and Spanish, watch Rec. Jiminy Cricket!

Once again; dream cast, director and book report coming to a screen near you.

Wicked Lovely:

Mellissa Marr has created this ultra-intense, fairly freaky faerie world that, and I just can’t get enough. The rights were purchased by Universal pictures and Marr herself has read the script, and loved it.
Actually to quote hr, it’s better than the book.
Now that’s saying something!

There’s a lot more to cover, but The Big Bang Theory is on, and I love Sheldon.
“Why are you such a stupid head?! That’s also rhetorical!”

Comedy genius: Jim Parsons, I love you!

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